Here are the sweets we currently have in stock! :)  


  1. Blue-raspberry bottles
  2. Giant Strawberrys
  3. Rainbow Belts
  4. Fizzy Watermelons
  5. Fizzy Cherries
  6. Peach Rings
  7. Giant Blue-Raspberry Bottles
  8. Haribo Hearts
  9. Vampire Fangs
  10. Haribo Friendship Rings
  11. Giant Fizzy Dummies
  12. Giant Cola Bottles
  13. Chocolate Mini Eggs
  14. Rhubarb and Custard Pencils
  15. Haribo Gold Bears
  16. Red Paint Balls
  17. Cola Cubes
  18. Blue-Raspberry Cubes 

Add to the feedback form if there is something you want me to take out or anything you want in stock! :)

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